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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dress: One (and two) Stop Shopping

If you don't know what your wearing yet on Easter Sunday you have four more days to dig around in your closet, head to the mall or at least get in on two day shipping. I can't think of a better time to wear your favorite spring colors and prints!

If your Easter dress is ready and pressed (like the good Easter Emily you are), then perhaps you have some time to spare on Martha Stewart's darling Easter egg crafts?

3. Gussied Up Heel, Mod Cloth

1. Joelynn Dress, Kate Spade
2. In Season Peep Toes, Anthropologie
3. Unpredictable Prism Earings, Anthropologie

All pretty easter eggs via Martha Stewart (naturally).


  1. I love these looks! I def need to start looking for the perfect Easter outfit this week!

  2. Oh yes we are on the same wavelength! Lovely dresses, I love picking out clothes for spring!

  3. Thank you for this post! Currently trying to figure out how to make my favorite strapless eyelet dress (de anthro of course) easter appropiate!

  4. Lovely choices - I LOVE JCrew shoes and wish I could afford more!

  5. I am in love with that Jcrew bracelet! so cute. happy easter or feliz pascua as we say en espanol!


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