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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wanted: A place to call our own.

A cottage with a lush, rambling garden? yes please.
Fig Tree Cottage as seen on Hooked on Houses

After living in a tiny apartment in down-town Boston and a spacious in-law suite at Matt's parents house, we are finally ready to start looking...REALLY looking, for a place of our own.

We will be meeting with realtor this week to begin our search. (Weeeeeeeee!)

I know there are practical things we need to keep in mind when we buy our first home...like child safety and structural soundness...but I cant help but day dream about things that would be, you know, just fun to have.

Heavenly harp music play now.

I would love to find a home that has character.
Like built ins, and original stone and hard wood floors.

I'd love a home with a white kitchen, white marble counter tops and a big old farm house sink.

I'd be ecstatic if our new home had enough extra rooms for a library, an office nook, an art studio, and a sun room/green house.

And if the yard could be big enough for kids to play in, a garden to plant, and maybe just maybe, a chicken coop (which I will have to discuss at later date and time), I would be elated!

In some day dreams we live in a beach cottage and others in a huge English estate though we will most certainly end up in neither (*sigh*).

A townhouse built in 1998 is more likely to become the place we call home, but hey a girl can dream and this girl does.

What sort of houses are in your day dreams???


  1. I dreamed and dreamed of a white farmhouse with acres to play on and room for peonies and gardens. And a barn! Lo and behold, I now live in my dream home. It didn't come with the farm sink or the marble tops, but we've had fun customizing our dream. :)

  2. I dream about a large beach house in a really peaceful spot.

  3. Oooh your dream house sounds lovely!

    I dream of having a two-story white house with a big back yard, a white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, hardwood floors throughout, a big guest room where family and friends can stay as long as they'd like, a playroom full of murals and imaginative toys for our kids and our friends' kids to play in when we're socializing, a sunroom where I can have my morning coffee while doing my devos...the list goes on and on!

    It's fun to think about the future and its endless possibilities :)

    Congrats on meeting with your realtor this week!! That is so exciting! I hope the search is quick and that you find something amazing soon!

  4. anything by the sea is my dream. i also need windows with lots of light. good luck finding your nest.

  5. Love you house dreams!!
    My dream is most definitely a tiny beach cottage!!!
    Maybe someday:)

  6. Oh, I want a little New England cottage SO badly! And it needs to look just like this!!


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