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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In search of a pretty tablescape

Hello? Where are you pretty table decor???

Since I've been back from vacation I've been touring around in search for the perfect table elements for my sister-in-laws shower. And naturally I had to do a site visit to see what I would be working with. Upon visiting the home of the shower hostess I was presented with a slight design challenge.

You see originally I had envisioned this:

Clean, white, and bright minimalist with Pom Pom bursts of color to create a celebratory mood. Martha, I love your pom poms, but not everyone has a plain white dining room, squared drinking goblets, and gold chiavari chairs laying around ok?

The home of the lovely hostess just doesn't seem to jive with this vision. Her walls for one thing are various shades of pink. Mauve Pink. Carnation Pink. She has many, MANY, floral paintings hung about and an eclectic collection of antiques. No nook and no cranny has been left undecorated. I don't know what one word best describes this venue, however I do know that contemporary is not it.

So, I have new inspiration, seen here:

It's eclectic, feminine and still has a sense of continuity. I only wish this shower could be out doors!

My new shopping destination went from Ikea to our local Thrift and Antique store in a snap and I generally prefer it like that anyway.

The photos above were style by JOY di VIVRE events. I think I could spend all day on her website ooooogling over her positively gorgeous wedding designs. Can I move to Santa Barbara and get married to my husband again, pretty please?


  1. Keep the shower inspiration coming! When is your SILs shower? My BFs shower is in just 2 months and I'm WAY not on top of it! :)

  2. Ooh bummer! But I'm sure your new theme will turn out beautifully!

    What thrift shops are good around here? I stopped by the Goodwill by the PA/DE border. They had some nice stuff, but I thought it was a pit pricey for used items. Any suggestions?

  3. you could help me style my west coast wedding :)

  4. Flower Patch Farm Girl-The shower is at the end of May! I am so obsessive and I can't stop thinking about it! It's probably better that you take it easy. Shower details are taking over my life!

    Lovely Little Nest-Girl, here is my gold mine secret: Riddle Hospital across from the Granite Run Mall has a little thrift store with great stuff and its very well priced. I always walk away wishing I had a house to put all the great stuff I see in! It is not glamorous at all, but the little old ladies that work there are so sweet!

    J-YES! We need to talk about this soon! I have so many questions for you :)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sweet words!!! I'm beyond flattered! If you ever want to come out to Santa Barbara and throw a second wedding, I am game!!! xoxo Joy


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