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Monday, March 1, 2010

Sing a song of chevron

When it comes to style, mine is much more romantic than modern but sometimes I long for a punchy graphic print to make my heart go boom.

A chevron stripe fits into this category and for these peaks and valleys I might just ask my ruffles and linen to move over and make an exception...

Fabric from Brunschwig & Fils
I know this has been floating around for a while, but don't you just love it???

Personalized calling cards from Pixelimpress

Zippy Bag from Rubie Green

Pillow from Snuggledown


  1. I am all about chevron as well {as I'm sure you can tell from my blog header}! I have that exact bag from Rubie Green saved in my "Wish List" folder on my computer ~ it's so cute! And I actually just picked up 2 chevron pillows this afternoon! Great post :)

  2. Love chevron! Great blog, so glad I stopped by! xo


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