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Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Bunch: Beautiful Blooms at the Philadelphia Flower Show

I wanted to share with you this marvelous installation by Beautiful Blooms at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

The theme of this years show was International Flowers. Each vendor set up a scene depicting scenes set from different countries. Donna O'Brien and her team used their imagination to create a topographical map----by using these bud vases hanging from the ceiling.

You'll notice the different colors of flowers and water represent sea, land, tree lines and mountains.

My poor attempt at event photography does not do this installation justice! But can you see how beautiful it was?

I also attended Donna's workshop on "Fashionable flowers." Below is her inspiration board using fashion spreads from magazines...showing how color and texture flows through clothing lines, to home design to the Floral industry.

Here Donna creates a purse out of moss and flowers.
Her statement necklace is a long strand of vintage crystals carrying a live Delphinium pendant.
You can see more work by Beautiful Blooms on their website and blog. If you live in the Philadelphia area her boutique is fabulous and also hosts floral design workshops. Their artful designs are unique and so worth taking a look at!


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