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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good bye twenties!

Today I leave my twenties behind! Good bye, farewell, tata! Hellooooo thirties!!!


Yes it is my thirtieth birthday and I have to write about it because as much as I've tried to play it down in my mind I have walked up to this day with enthusiasm (love birthdays!!!) and trepidation (thirty!!? What!?). Thankfully on facebook (which makes a girl feel so special on her birthdays) people have reminded me that thirty is the new 20 (is it? oooh la la) and that it is exciting to be onto a new decade of my life.

And I guess it kind of is. After all I don't think I'd live a single day of my 20th year again---but I pretty much like my life right now just as it is. I certainly don't have things figured out but the confusion and discontent of my early 20's (Who am I? Will I get married? What will I do after college?) is gone and though I still have questions (Will I have babies? Will I work as a mom? What should I be doing right NOW? Is blogging a wast of my time?) I've learned a lot about patience over the past decade and about learning to be content with unanswered questions.

So how do I feel about being 30? It's a difficult question to answer, but I have a shopping analogy that should sum it all up: My last purchase was from Roxy (you know, surfer girl line for juniors) and I sort of got a thrill flipping through the most recent Talbot's catalogue. Yes. A thrill.

Do I feel young? Not really. Do I feel old? Heck no! I feel somewhere in between and sometimes it's good to be right smack dab in the middle.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Fashion Favorites and a major disappointment

Everyone is doing it so I may as well join in the fun.

These are my Oscar night favorites...and one major flop in my book.

Michelle Williams, you goddess.
Has a pixie ever looked this good??? Natalie Portman looked darn good with a pixie cut back as does Emma Watson now but Michelle just looks Ethereal....light years away from her Dawson's Creek days.

Cheers for goddess number two.
I think Kate looks smashing. And while part of my heart longs to see some detail inside that gem framed canvas...I marvel at the creativity of the design that makes me think of mermaids, music, deco broaches, and a lovely cocktail ring I remember seeing in my mom's jewelry box when I was little. Fashion is so personal, and personally I love this dress.

I think Natalie Portman must be one of the most graceful and beautiful women alive. As for her dress...
It kind of reminds me of a shirt I bought at Banana Republic once. She still looks amazing though...and she is pregnant. Wow.

Before I get to my last dress comment let me ask, for those of you who were still in high school in the late 90's early 00's---do you remember that one year all you could find from JC Penny to Bloomingdale's was cheep satin in black and white?

Well, I give you Reese Witherspoon.


It breaks my heart to say it because she is one of my favorite starlets...but this look is terrible.
TERRIBLE. Ah...I cant look at it anymore.

Not to let you go with that awkward taste of the 90's, below is one of my favorite Oscar looks of all time. If Reece had taken a few tips from Grace instead of her yearbook I think she'd be on the best dressed list. *sigh* We all make mistakes. Se la vive.

Please share!!! Do you have an Oscar night favorite? Do tell, do tell.
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