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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cape and Islands here I come!

I'm headed north today to visit my family on Cape Cod! If you need a little nautical New England in your life, but don't have any plans to go anytime soon, here are a few things that can help take you there.

1. Eat lots of Ice Cream. It's a fact that people in Massachusetts eat more ice cream than anyone.
2. A sweater tied around your shoulders IS ok.
3. Wear blue and white seersucker.
4. Stargaze.
5. If you can't get to the beach, comb your back yard! A twig or stone may be no moon snail, but it will feel good to find a natural treasure.
6. Go to the super market hand have a lobstah bake! Lobster dipped in a simple lemon butter sauce is just so good. No frills. Just buttah.
7. Take time to visit your local (quaint if possible) town at night. Eat ice cream while strolling the shops.
8. Don't blow dry your hair...ocean winds will just mess it up any way.
9. Sport a LL Bean Tote. Because they are classic and they'll rock the house forever.
10. Two words: Boat Shoes.

Sea you in a couple weeks!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grow Baby! Shower

This past weekend I had the honor of creating shower
decorations and favors for one of my besties!

I've known Stacy since elementary school so I'm sure you can imagine how special it was to whip up a theme and put it into action. Stacers LOVES plants and gardening, her mother a couple of friends and I designed a shower that would tie in one of her very favorite things!

The favors were wild flower seeds planted in peat pots. "Grow your own" instructions were tucked inside the ribbon tied around the pot.
*See the little kitty peaking around the corner? That was not part of the original decor, however Stace loves cats so it worked!!

Stacy's mother served as caterer, providing all the foods she knows her family likes, while I tied in "Grass" arrangements and dirty pudding cups to work in our growing theme.

Burlap, Jute, and bright colors complimented the grassy freshness!
A photo display showing Stacy and her husband growing up, finding each other, expecting a baby!
The dirty dessert cups had garden stakes labeled "baby" and little springy sprouts as accents.
The recipe was fantastic and I will have to share later!

Mother of mama-to-be made this cute little train with the first initial of the baby's last name. Baby Z is still a "surprise". *wink wink*

My lovely friend Leisel (left), myself (right) and mama to be!

Hooray for Babies! Cant wait to meet you little one!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Fool For Tulle...

While on line searching for a bridesmaids dress for a dear friends wedding I stumbled upon all these lovely tulle pieces at J.Crew.

Stop my beating heart, whoever created this fabric: I love you. One glance and I am all tangled up in daydreams of ballerinas, brides and old fashioned blushers!

The trim is perfectly punchy!

The layers are divine.

This dress really set me back an hour or two as I conjured up visions of my second wedding, to my current husband, in this dress. "I do..."

It's practically a scrap, a shred, a remnant,
and yet it has got to be one of the prettiest things this girl has ever seen.
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