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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

True DIY Love

I am so sick of winter and snow.

But, before I start putting up pics of daffodils and pretending it really is spring, I thought I would share some photos of the igloo my husband and I made a few weeks ago.

Now as you look at these photos, I want you to bear in mind, that my husband and I are twenty-eight years old. Twenty Eight.

We have no children of our own (yet).

And have ample amounts of spare time.

So when I tell you that we are Twenty-Eight, going on Eight....

I need to say no more.

Below you see Matt carefully shoveling around the base of our igloo. The bright orange bit you see is what we used to transport our snow blocks (made from Tupperware molds) from the snow packing station to the igloo. Can you guess who was the brick builder? That's right, I was.

Here you see Matt carefully making sure each brick is firmly on the foundation and doing major physics calculations to ensure each is perfectly staggered...

Here I am in front of our finished, slightly lopsided, igloo....

You can see here is plenty of head room inside (not so much legroom).

A view of the fantastic masonry....

Oh! And we had to bring out candles because it gets dark at night (duh!).

And my twenty-eight year old husband thought the coolest thing EVER would be to watch surfing videos while inside the igloo. (Rad!)

Now don't worry we didn't sleep in there.

But we could have.

Pretty cooooool right?

Ok, now that you've seen it I will go back to being the very sophisticated twenty-eight year old blogger that I am.


You know, they always say marry the one you can talk to. I say, marry the one you can make igloos with. Or whatever your igloo equivalent might be.


  1. This is too funny!! My bf and I were just talking about doing the same exact thing, even sleeping in it. (Not watching the surfing videos...although that sounds really cool!) And I'm 29. So you guys rock. YES, marry the one you can make igloos with!!!

  2. haha, that is awesome! What a fun way to enjoy the snow :)

  3. That is an impressive igloo girl! LOLing at the masonry pic :)

  4. all you need is a mug of hot cocoa!


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