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Monday, February 15, 2010

Something to tweet about...

Took the dog out this morning and what did I hear?


Birds chirping and flitting about.

We have four feet of snow on the ground here, yet these little flit-a-bouts are putting up a protest. We want spring!

And we do.

These little birdies were painted by the lovely and talented Nina Schmidt. If fine feathered friends haven't quite made it your side of north yet, I suggest stopping by Nina's place for some light hearted fluttering. Isn't she lovely?


  1. Very lovely. And yes, it was raining when I wrote that post! Now it's fabulously sunny....and freezing!!!

    By the way - is that profile pic of you and your hubby? It's absolutely ADORABLE!!! gorgeousl

  2. No signs of Spring here yet, but I am MORE than ready!!!

    :) T

  3. i adore nina's work and keep hoping she'll start a blog of her own someday! and yes, may spring deliver us from this cold and snow - enough already!

  4. these are quite beautiful. waiting for the birds to start chirping outside my house!

  5. those are so lovely! we are definitely feeling warmer temps here in SoCal. but we can be raining and hailing one day and then heading to the beach the next. it is crazy but I love it.

  6. Really beautiful paintings. The birds are chirping around here too, despite the snow. It's nice to see them flying about to remind me that Spring really is just around the corner!

    Kat :)

  7. I adore paintings of birds! I wouldn't know which of these were my fave, they all hold something uniquely their own.


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