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Friday, February 5, 2010

Storm's a brewin'

Storm's a brewin...

I see it in the skies.

I feel it in my bones.

Who am I kidding? I don't really feel it in my bones.

Since we are supposed to get 18 inches which is a TON of snow 'round these parts, I am off to work and then to stock up on provisions. 

1. Coffee
2. Ingredients for Valentine treats. It's terrible to be caught in a storm without any baking ingredients!
3. Super Bowl snack essentials. (What are you making by the way? I see Guacamole in my future) 

If I do not buy these now, then I may be stuck in all weekend. The plow guys around here, along with everyone else, think that more than 5 inches is pure emergency and not even worth plowing or getting to until at least 12 hours after it has stopped. 

They don't realize that Boston storms have trained me well and I will drive in pretty much any weather. Bring it on I say! Too bad my Corolla wheels are not really up to the battle. 


  1. Eeeek, be careful! Us New England trained girls know how to drive in the snow, but THOSE CRAZIES out there do not! :)

  2. Oh tis true Emily. Tis true! I probably wont be driving. Truth is, My car can't take it. Though my Husbands Truck, er, Jeep could. (It feels like a truck inside!)

  3. My husband reminds me that snow has never stopped him. He was born in Boston!
    enjoy your weekend.


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