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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There's an Office in the Closet!

I've always loved the idea of keeping your office in the closet.

This one from the March issue of Country Living is especially attractive...

Of course you can make these little nooks pretty, and who doesn't love a pretty little nook?
photo via Flickr

So many ways to stay organized. Shelves, cups, hooks, and the holy grail of office organization:
Magazine Files!

But if things get a little out of hand and your best intentions of an organized office go by the wayside.....

Shut the doors and...wha la! Out of sight out of mind!

My only question is...who has an extra closet to spare???? 

Do you

If so I would love to slap you on the back and shake your hand! And perhaps interview you. 

"Are you a minimalist? Where does your other stuff...you know...go??? Is your house huge and blessed with many closets, and if so why do you need to have a closet office?"

Maybe I am tainted by my Boston days living in an apartment the size of a shoebox but I just can't imagine having an extra closet with space just waiting, begging, to be used. 

Seriously though, do you have an office nook? If so I would love to see and show it! Please send me a picture, or blog about it and link back. The photos above are darling, but I would love to see a collection of real. live. office nooks. Because they are creative, and cute, and  hey, they're nooks.


  1. I hear ya on the lack of extra space! If I have an extra closet in the near future I think my displaced clothes have first dibs! xx

  2. Yeah, I too have a ton of clothes that need a home first! BUT, love these. I stared at that first image in my Country Living forever the other day, studying each little space. I'd love to have something like that. It's totally cute, but so practical.

  3. I love these spaces -- but I do agree.. where are these extra closets?? I'm overusing the one I have now..

  4. Those offices are beautiful! The last one is definitely my fav.

    Our guest room closet is absolutely FULL to the brim ~ there's no way to fit a cute little office nook in there! However, we do have a little alcove in our Living Room right behind the entertainment center. If I was to surprisingly become "with child" anytime soon, I'd probably rearrange our Living Room and turn the alcove into a teeny office space.

    Oh, and I tagged you with the "Happy Award" on my blog today! Feel free to spread the joy :)

  5. Totally agree about the closet thing. I love the idea of a cozy nook, but I love the idea of closet space even more.

  6. that first one is absolutely amazing. I would never close those doors!!!

  7. Oh how I wish I had a spare closet!! How cute:)

  8. ooh i love these pics, I am currently fluffing my nest and these will serve for great inspiration. BTW @ my old place I took out the closet doors to make one room bigger and stuck my desk in there, it was fab. have a great week! :)


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