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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Green Room

Ever been to western Massachusetts in February? It is cold, windy, and usually there is LOTS of snow. I spent four years trudging to class and letting my cheeks thaw for 90 minutes just to head back out into the cold. 

My place of solace during the cold months and treks to and from class was the Durfee Conservatory. This greenhouse was a warm, plant filled oasis in a world of gray, bleak, cold. There was always light classical music playing, complimented by the light trickle of the indoor waterfall. 

It's this time of year that I long for the little bamboo bench where I studied for my Art History exam though I'd gladly curl up on a couch with some tea in one of the rooms below. 

Photo Via Pretty Little World

Sue Roher
Photo Via Country Living
Photo Via Desire to Inspire
Photo Via Love, Meghan

I love how the plants are wild, unruly, and seem to be taking over the room as if to say "You may think we belong outside, but we know better."

 I just seem to be able to live and breath better with a plant nearby, don't you?


  1. I seem to suck the ever-blessed life out of any indoor plant in my proximity... It's always just a matter of time. ;)

    Dreamy photos. Thanks for the dose of Spring!

  2. I went to college in Michigan, and remember well crunching through the snow with my nose hairs frozen together. Oh the memories!

  3. ooh that place sounds amazing! I would love to visit a Greenhouse like that. Is there anything like it here in the Philly area?

  4. o my lovely. my spot in boston was the isabella stewart gardner courtyard.

  5. LOVE that chandelier in the sunroom!!! So fancy and so rugged! beautiful pics.

  6. Lovely Little Nest...

    There are a couple place where you can get your green fix:

    I wish I knew more!


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