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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Igloo, would you?

I never grow tired of taking in the incredible architecture of the ice hotel in Lapland, Sweden.
The ability and creativity of those who work on these structures is breathtaking.
Even in the dead winter cold, people are sparked by creativity to make something out of a little (or a lot of) frozen water.
The process they use to harvest the ice is amazing. Drawings for the next seasons ice hotel start in January. Ice harvesting takes place in March and April. When the next summer comes, the ice hotel melts and goes back to the river from which it came.

I have never been to an ice hotel, but oh I would like to go. It's on snowy days like this that I find myself most inspired by gray and blue and white white white. 

Which is why my husband and I are heading outside to build our own ice hotel.
Have you ever built an igloo? You can find instructions here, to build one too.

It can't be that hard right?


  1. I have never had snow in my backyard so I am yet to build an igloo. Maybe one day I could just visit the snow and make one .....just for fun!

  2. i've never seen this place before... incredible!

  3. You won, my giveaway!!!!!!! Congrats! Can you e-mail me your info?

    ps- love the igloos... so fun and pretty!

  4. HOla! thanks for visiting my blog. Your images here are stunning, love the icy blues. i lived in cold snowy indiana for seven years, so I remember running to the store before the BIG storms. We got lots of lake effect snow and as a Cali girl I suffered!!

  5. So beautiful and clean and artistic... But I have to admit I get a little claustrophobic thinking about being inside one. I dunno why....


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