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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Jillian: A Year of Mornings 3191 Miles Apart

I was out and about one day, doing my usual shopping without buying, when I came upon a delightful book sitting on a table waiting for me. 

You have probably seen this book by now, but it is new to me I am head over heals for it. 

The title is:

It's written by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, though I shouldn't really say that it is written at all since practically the only words in it are basically the title and copy write information at the front. 

This book is a compilation of photos. Maria and Stephanie, friends living on opposite sides of the united states took and sent photos to each other----of their mornings. Just little snippets of their separate days of their separate lives, very far apart. 

They are pictures of pretty ordinary every day things.
Coffee mugs and books and flowers and toast.

But the photos convey a commonality that these girls shared. A love for simple beauty. A love for all the little things.
 A love for art work that emerges from noticing.
And they share in each others lives in all these little moments, 3191 miles apart. 

I adore this book because I find the pictures sentimental and beautiful.

I also love it because it reminds me of my friend Jillian.

Not unlike Maria and Stephanie, Jillian and I live on opposite ends of the country.

Jillian and I have lived quite a distance apart since graduating from college where we met. And even though we don't get to chat as often as we'd like, I have no doubt that when we see each other next, we'll pick right back up...and we always will. Fact of the matter is we just play well together.

Do you remember, when you were little, there would be those friends you'd meet at the beach or playground sand box? And it didn't matter that you had never met and may never see each other again. You used her shovel and she used your pail and you chased gulls together and hung upside down on the swings. And you had a blast doing it. 

Jillian is that kind of friend...only we're all grown up and since grown ups have independence, and time and money and can fly on planes by themselves without parents...we'll see each other again and we'll have a blast doing it. If Maria and Stephanie hadn't thought of this photo project first, I bet we would have.

So, Happy Birthday to dear Jillian, and do tell me: 

Do you have a long distance photo friend?


  1. Linds, you are the sweetest most thoughtful friend a girl could ever ask for! I can't say I have a photo friend... yet. Can't wait to see you/hear everything ever about you soon! All my love, Jillian

  2. I love their projects too, and I looked forward to checking their blog daily when they were first working through A Year of Mornings and then next A Year of Evenings. I really should pick up the books now! Their beautiful photos were only part of why I fell for their work-- I too have some very long distance friends (husband aside, of my three very best friends, the closet lives 16 hours away!) And yes, there is nothing better than finally getting to catch up again in person and knowing you can pick up exactly where you last left off. Hope you get to see your Jillian soon!

  3. What a lovely idea. My husband and I were living far apart when we were dating and we used to have movie nights and watch the same movie "together". Even getting the same kind of popcorn. Beautiful.

  4. I love that book... that's really what friendship is!

  5. No I havn't but I'd love to. It could be very nice and interesting!


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