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Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays!

Hello! And welcome to our open house---a part of The Nester's 2010 Christmas House Tour!

My name is Lindsay, my husband's name is Matt, and this is how we do Christmas...

We do garlands and lots of fresh greens...

We do berries and bows...

We re-purpose pumpkins...

We keep the table set...

We find joy in unexpected places (here, it happens to be found in the bathroom)...

We hang wreaths on more than the front door...

We relish nostalgia...

We prepare our hearts for worship...

We celebrate our Anniversary...Two Years today, December 13!!!

We celebrate love, for this is God's greatest gift to us in the birth of his Son.

What do you do during this season of celebration???


  1. Happy Anniversary! :) I love that you hang wreaths on your cabinets. Beautiful!! I'm visiting from The Nester's Tour of Homes. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  2. What a beautiful post! Your decor is lovely:).



  3. You are simply amazing, dear. Move over, Martha ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary! We've been married just over two years also. (October 4th)

    I like how you worded this post. Very nice. During this season of celebration we fellowship with friends, prepare our hearts to worship, visit family, travel, shop online, decorate, enjoy peppermint ice cream . . .

    I like your wrap in your wedding photo. Very pretty photo. Did you read lots of bride blogs as you were planning your wedding? oh, just scrolled up to look at your pics again and saw wedding blogs on your blogroll. so fun. I really think that made wedding planning more fun.

    I really like the wreaths on your cabinets with the ribbon and the ikea jars with marshmallows and candy canes! Very fun. I also really like your centerpiece with the silver tray, candles and ornaments!

    Thanks for the tour. Kelly

  5. The tour is AMAZING! I love the wreaths on the cabinets...they had me at hello. I also LOVE that you are a December bride. Me too!!

    If you get a chance..please come join my little sleepover linky party. I have a group of friends who are meeting and greeting blogs from all over.


    Lovely place my dear.


  6. what a gorgeous home
    i love all your thoughtful touches
    merry christmas

  7. saw you on Nester's files...
    love the wreaths on your kitchen cabinets...
    beautiful home!


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