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Thursday, December 2, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

a. You?

b. My two front teeth?

c. A light blue convertible, Santa baby?

d. none of the above?

My mother in law asked us for our list a couple of days ago and I am having a hard time knowing what to tell her. My husband and I decided we wanted a "nice" camera since both of our old ones have been out of commission for the past few months (hence my lack of blog pictures). Anyway after I told her the camera idea she said... "Ok. What else?" Um. What else? I already feel guilty asking for a "nice camera". I am not complaining at all since it is so generous of her but how can I ask for anything else? But she's not the kind of person you argue with so...horrors! I have had to think of other gifts.

Here are a few of the sugar plums that have been dancing in my head....

1. Because I have never had a subscription to Martha Stewart living and I think it is time. Plus the cost of a subscription is a nice, reasonable $20.

***BTW, have you ever noticed that Martha looks like a wax statue on all her magazine covers? Martha, we know you can make origami out of bed sheets but don't you think think you'd be even more perfect...if you showed that you are actually imperfect? Let us catch a glimpse of a wrinkle or two! Enough with the airbrushing!!

2. Ok...stepping it up in case MIL feels EXTRA generous. This one is because every time I hint to my hubby I want a new fragrance he croons "But I like the one you wore when we first started dating". He is so sentimental it's sweet! I still wear Carolina Herrera 212 three years later--- and I really do like it. I'm just the kind of girl who likes mix it up once in a while.

3. Since William and Kate's engagement I am more of an anglophile then ever before--and what good Brit does not have a pair of Wellies? What Pennsylvania lacks in snow we get in rain and ballet flats just haven't been cutting it! I love Hunter boots. Navy is quickly becoming my wardrobe staple and the I think the "high gloss" adds a little sass. I can muck around in the garden, polish 'em up and head out shopping with dry tootsies on a rainy day! Practical and shiny!

It took me forever (ie three days) just to think of these things! Considering they are cute little ideas, three days is a long time.

Do you have hard time thinking of gifts for yourself?

Here's a chance to practice---what is on your wish list?


  1. So funny about Martha! Stop being so perfect!! :)

  2. Oh I totally agree about airbrushing Martha! I'd much rather see her natural look over American Girl Doll airbrushing :p

    You just reminded me that I need to renew my subscription to House Beautiful! They had a crazy sale last year: $5 for a year subscription! It's now my fav decor mag. If you don't go with Martha, I'd go with HB. It's currently on sale on Amazon for $15: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005N7QW/ref=msm_sm_pt_dp


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