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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Festive need not cost a lot...

Be creative, use what you've got! Case in point, our peppermint hot Co-Co "bar"...

Now I didn't exactly have candy canes and marshmallows laying around. I bought them. But, they only cost about $4.00 combined and I have added a fun seasonal punch to our counter top.

Here are some other fun Christmas decoration ideas that you can do for a song...
  • Cut greens from your yard (or any yard) and tuck them around your mantle, candles, dresser top, bathroom vanity---anywhere!
  • Use scraps of ribbon to decorate your tree (see my friend Jillian's post on Christmas trees!)
  • Make a gum drop garland!
  • Use peppermints and foil chocolates to fill glasses, bowls, and jars and set them on your book shelves, tables, and counter tops.
  • Unused jewelry can add a little sparkle to just about anything. Add necklaces, beads, broaches and earrings to garlands, wreaths and ornament displays....If you don't want to use your own, buy inexpensive and even imperfect pieces for pennies at thrift shops!
  • Frame personal photos from Christmases past and set them out with your regular collection.
  • You can do the same with sheet music of a favorite carols (pick up a hymnal at a local church library and photo copy), special Christmas cards, and pretty wrapping scraps! Frame 'em and slap 'em up on that wall or switch out your year round frame for your seasonal creation!
How do you get creative with Christmas decorations???

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I was hoping you'd post a picture of the cocoa bar. Are those jars from IKEA? They are too cute!

    I love the idea of having a gumdrop garland. That would be really fun to do, especially if you have kids.

    Love the idea of using unused jewelry as ornaments. Actually, I'm in the process of making an advent calendar for next year and jewelry would be the perfect addition.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas! :)


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