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Monday, January 18, 2010

Natural Grace...

For Christmas, my father in law gave me a biography about Grace Kelly called High Societysince he knows I love film and old Hollywood. It was really thoughtful of him, though I don't know if I have ever seen Grace Kelly in a film and didn't think she was much more than a pretty princess face. Darling, was I wrong!

She was often mistaken as snobby, but was really just very shy.
She always meant what she said and said what she meant.
She was a very smart business woman.
She couldn't see anything six feet away without her glasses on.
She loved theatre.
And she loathed Hollywood. 

Grace is often called a fashion icon, though in reality, off the set she often dressed simply and even plainly. She despised pretense and adored pure, unadulterated beauty in people. Beauty is as Beauty does.

The book inspired me to look up some of her photos on line, and my favorites I have posted below. Here is Grace on vacation in Jamaica, photographed candidly with no make up, no wardrobe suggestions, no lighting and no pin curls. All of these things were totally unheard of in her day. 

If I didn't know any better I'd think these photos were from the pages of an Anthropologie catalogue. But in this case, this little chick came first and we remain inspired by her simple beauty almost 50 years later. Now that is anthropology material.

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