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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dining Room Dilema

I need to go out and get paint samples today because this weekend we paint the dining room.
The previous owners painted it the color of mustard mixed with ketchup. It's about as appetizing to me as a left over McDonald's hamburger. Sorry that sounds a little harsh, but it really is that bad.

At first I thought I wanted a turquoise dining room...but this room doesn't get much light and really will be used as an evening room so that throws things off a little bit. All the photos I see on line are taken in the day time so aren't an accurate window for inspiration. They all look bright and fresh. When when we eat in there it isn't going to be bright at all...so the colors are going to look different. I can't really rely on photos. I am on my own here.

I thought about going around to all my favorite restaurants to see what colors they painted their walls. I think that would be the BEST way to search for dining room inspiration, don't you? But really, who has the time for that? I, do not.

We don't really want red or orange or brown...they just wouldn't work in our house or for us. The present shade has turned us off from yellows. Purple is definitely out. So that leaves us with blue and green. Hmm. Turquoise? Ah! We are back to Turquoise.

It will be interesting to see what we come up with.

What color do you like in a dining room?

Found this photo on House Beautiful when searching for inspiration and I know I don't want to paint our dining room brown and we are way more traditional than this---
BUT I think it's so fun!


  1. Ha, I love the antler mirror! I just painted our dining room Aspen Gray by Valspar, I must say, it is gorgeous! XX!

  2. After seeing the McDonald's inspired walls in person...I think you should go with some shade of turquoise! The darker one that your hubs also liked is my favorite :)

  3. My dining room is a pale gray and I love it!
    But I love that deep chocolate color too and of course turquoise but neither would work in my home:(
    Good luck choosing!


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