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Friday, September 17, 2010

My fantastic find: the story of a sweater coat.

Why I bother perusing the halls, walls, and creative troves at Anthropologie, I haven't the foggiest. I usually leave feeling frustrated because if I have a bag in hand it means I spent my clothing budget for the next three months, I and if I don't have a bag in hand---then I don't have a bag in hand!!!!!

I will admit however that while I don't often get to indulge, I am often inspired and my eye is opened to an idea---fashion or otherwise, that I may have overlooked before.

Case in point, the grand looking sweater coat you see below. It's dandy, divine, and $168. Ouch.
If I had bought it the usual "I spent too much" knot in my stomach would have surely ensued as well as a long discussion about spending and stewardship with my husband.

Then there came humble Old Navy number you see below. While Old Navy doesn't tend to have the best quality, lets face it despite their prices Anthro doesn't have the best quality either. And while it is lacking that certain jena se qua the Anthro sweater coat has (more specifically: the darling buttons, exciting pleats, and embroidered embellishment) it would look great with boots and leggings and get me through Pennsylvania's crisp but not cold fall.

Oh how I loved that moment I had with that Anthropologie sweater coat...blithely sipping hot apple cider while reading a paper back at an outdoor cafe.

It was but a fleeting moment however, and we know that even good sweaters do not last forever.

Oh humble sweater I think you shall be mine! It's time humility gets a bit more glory anyway.


  1. haha, well I love them both! Oooh you are making me excited for Fall! :)

  2. Loved this post (and your thought process)! "Even good sweaters do not last forever" ~ just right, and yet... it was really cute:)

    Enjoy that hot cider! That's one of my most missed things about Pennsylvania...


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