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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Love: Pure Style Home

You may know all about this already so please pardon my gush of enthusiasm but I am in love with this blog Pure Style Home by Lauren Leiss Interiors.

Lauren's style is so fresh to me and she focuses on putting things in your home that you love....and skipping all the extras. So right on! Yes!

Just look at her living room....
ahhh...it is pure lovely. It's to die for! I love it.

Look familiar? Probably because her home was photographed for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine this past December. If you missed the article you can read it and join me in my obsession of her blog here. I hope she wants lots of new readers because once you start you will be hooked!

Thank you Lauren for your home style inspiration!


  1. I'm loving those fresh pops of green. How far away is Spring??? Don't answer that.

  2. Lauren is awesome! I discovered her this year and love her whole vibe.

    Happy New Year to you!!


  3. I will totally check this out. When are we going to get a view into your house?


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