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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Must. Find. New. Organizer!!

Shall I go lively...2011 Weekly Planner
lily jane stationary @ etsy

2011 Art Nouveau Agenda 12 month Calendar and Organizer Great Gift
Earmark @ Etsy

2011 pocket planner - point

Dozi @ Etsy
Or utilitarian...
Domino, Organizers
Paper Source

Paper Source

I know that most people are going digital now...and I am sure that I will graduate one of these days, still I love to open a little book and see my day or month on paper. I like to make a list and cross things off. I like to doodle on the page corners when I am on hold...an I-phone can't give you that.

Is your date book paper or plastic?


  1. Ooooh I like the Dozi ones! Tough to pick which pattern though!

  2. So many great options!

    Pretty Chic SF {on etsy} had some adorable 2010 planners and I actually just contacted her to find out if she'll be making any for 2011.

    Can't wait to see what you choose! :)

    And don't forget to enter my CSN stores giveaway!



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