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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Fool For Tulle...

While on line searching for a bridesmaids dress for a dear friends wedding I stumbled upon all these lovely tulle pieces at J.Crew.

Stop my beating heart, whoever created this fabric: I love you. One glance and I am all tangled up in daydreams of ballerinas, brides and old fashioned blushers!

The trim is perfectly punchy!

The layers are divine.

This dress really set me back an hour or two as I conjured up visions of my second wedding, to my current husband, in this dress. "I do..."

It's practically a scrap, a shred, a remnant,
and yet it has got to be one of the prettiest things this girl has ever seen.


  1. I was just looking at that wedding dress for Rach! Would you mind letting me know of any other beachy dresses you stumble upon as you search for bridesmaid dresses? Planning is fun but {as you know} very time consuming! An extra pair of hands {or, eyes in this case} would certainly help :)

  2. L and L--I love J Crew too! Never fails to disappoint!
    Natalie-Will let you know if I see anything Beachy Keen! Beach weddings are so fun!

  3. i love it all. Jcrew is definitely my obsession. those pieces look so elegant and carefree.


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