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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cape and Islands here I come!

I'm headed north today to visit my family on Cape Cod! If you need a little nautical New England in your life, but don't have any plans to go anytime soon, here are a few things that can help take you there.

1. Eat lots of Ice Cream. It's a fact that people in Massachusetts eat more ice cream than anyone.
2. A sweater tied around your shoulders IS ok.
3. Wear blue and white seersucker.
4. Stargaze.
5. If you can't get to the beach, comb your back yard! A twig or stone may be no moon snail, but it will feel good to find a natural treasure.
6. Go to the super market hand have a lobstah bake! Lobster dipped in a simple lemon butter sauce is just so good. No frills. Just buttah.
7. Take time to visit your local (quaint if possible) town at night. Eat ice cream while strolling the shops.
8. Don't blow dry your hair...ocean winds will just mess it up any way.
9. Sport a LL Bean Tote. Because they are classic and they'll rock the house forever.
10. Two words: Boat Shoes.

Sea you in a couple weeks!!!


  1. Take me with you ! We are actually headed to Nova Scotia in a few weeks - so I'll get my fair share of lobsters and lighthouses..

  2. Have so much fun! I'm headed home to the Cape in a few weeks! xx

  3. great advice! hope you enjoy your vacay and with your permission I am off to get some ice cream.


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